A letter to my first born on his birthday.

My dear sweet boy, today is your day.

Today we celebrate 9 years of you being in our lives.

You have shown me so much about myself and about life.

You’re the little life that made me a mum.

I remember the day you were born so clearly.

The moment I seen your little face I completely fell in love and knew you would change my life forever.

That first cry was music to my ears and my heart burst with joy and pride.

Over the last 9 years you have taught me more than I thought possible.

You’ve taught me patience

You’ve taught me to slow down

You’ve taught me that life is not always as we in vision it, but it can show you things you never knew possible.

You’ve taught me that not everyone sees the world the same way

You’ve taught me what unconditional love is

You’ve taught me to always be the best I can be

You’ve taught me that life is not always simple but it’s beautiful

You’ve taught me to fight for the right of others and to always respect the differences

And for that I thank you.

You are the sweetest little boy I know, and although life isn’t always easy for you, you always have a beautiful smile for those around you.

Your innocence melts my heart everyday

You see no harm and evil in the world

You have no judgement in your heart and love unconditionally

I hope that everyday of your life will bring you love and happiness

I hope that even on the tough days you remember just how loved you are.

My biggest wish for you is that life always smiles down at you and that you never change who you are for anyone.

There will never be enough ways for me to say how much I love you, my sweet boy.

I hope this day repeats it self for many many years to come and that it’s always filled within magic and love.

Love you always,

Mummy xxx

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