Hi and welcome to Finding Mummy’s Voice Lifestyle Blog.

I’m Elisabeth, a stay at home mummy to 3 beautiful little children, our first-born is Little Bear (9) who has shown me the beauty in the little things, our middle child is Little Miss Chatterbox (8) who comes out with the funniest things and gives us the best laughs, and the youngest is Little Rascal (4) as you can guess by his name he keeps us on our toes but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We live in Northern Ireland, in a small rural town and it’s just exactly as you would imagine it to be, not a lot happens here and its mostly quiet.

My better half is Mr Finding Mummy’s Voice whom I have been with for 10 years, he’s the half of me that can keep me grounded and calm in times where things can get hectic and sometimes overwhelming, he’s the man behind the woman I have become today and together we have learnt many things along these 10 years,  from our relationship as a couple as well as parents. We are no different from most couples and have our differences and days where things aren’t so rosy. But I always find the hard times are the times that will make you stronger as a couple and if you can survive the stormy times then you know your relationship can make it through almost anything.

I decided to start blogging about our life as a way to share with other parents out there that its ok to have bad days, its ok if your child has had chicken nuggets and chips for the third day in a row, or that you haven’t been able to wash your hair in a week and have used half a bottle of dry shampoo so you can leave your house and try to have a bit of a social life while you try to juggle your daily life.

I will be sharing with you my daily life as a mother, the good, the bad and the ugly. The things I have struggled with along my parenting journey and all that I still struggle with, because once you overcome one thing there’s no doubt there will always be something else, that’s just the way life goes. I will be sharing my journey through postnatal depression and how that had an effect on my life and how I have been able to pick myself up. And last but not least I will also be talking about all things autism and raising a child with autism.

I hope you are able to enjoy my blog and that my stories and experiences can bring you some comfort and help you feel that you are not alone but I also hope that I bring you some laughter along the way.

Elisabeth x


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