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Hi everyone!

So I thought I would introduce myself a bit better. I know I have written a short about me page but I feel like that didn’t really explain enough of who I am so I’m going to write a bit more about myself and hope you can get to know me better.

As you may already know my name is Elisabeth, and I’m 27 (yes I know how crazy am I to be 26 and have 3 children!) I live in a rural village in Northern Ireland.

Although I live here now this wasn’t always my home, I started my journey in life in Angola (Africa where I was born) I then moved to Portugal as a baby with my parents.

Over the years I lived in Angola, Portugal, London, Dublin and Northern Ireland (My family has never been one for staying in one place as you can see) but I think now that I have children of my own we will probably be staying in Northern Ireland for a while, but who knows what the future holds.

I live with my partner and three children who as I have mentioned before are 8, 7 and 3 and are all little rascals who keep me well on my toes and very much entertained.

I don’t currently have a career as I wanted to stay at home with children and thankfully I have the privilege to do so. But don’t get me wrong it’s extremely challenging and some days I would swap in a heartbeat and other days I’m very grateful I have the opportunity to be at home with them.

But I’m hoping once Little Rascal is in primary school I will be able to start working on the things I would like to do career wise. Even though I feel it has been important for me to be at home with my children, I’m now getting to a point in my life where I’m finding that I need more in my life, I need something that is just for me something that will challenge me and to be honest I need out of this house before I crack up (three kids later I’m surely getting there).

I don’t exactly have a dream job as such but I would love to work in something that will bring out the creative side in me.

I just love reading, writing, drawing (I’m not all that great at it though), painting ( again not the best at this either, but as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder) I just love anything that will bring out my creativity and as a child and teenager I used to draw clothes, mainly dresses (looking at the them now is a bit embarrassing as they’re not the best drawings, but I really loved doing it so who cares.)

I love anything to do with Fashion (even if most days I look like I just rolled out of bed, but I’m just going to blame that on the mum life) I always have done since I was a little child, I find it’s such a great way to express who you are.

I love travelling, I haven’t ventured that far but one of my biggest dreams is to travel the world and see as many countries as I can, I love learning about other people’s cultures and getting to know people from different countries. Not to mention I love food, so travelling and getting to eat all the amazing food the world has to offer would be so much fun. There really is so much beauty out there to get to know and I can’t wait to fulfil that dream someday.

I’m not a religious person at all, I have no religion and neither do my children. I know many people would argue with me that it’s important for kids to have a religion but I believe that it’s important that they grow up and learn about religion themselves and make that choice once they are old enough to understand what it means.

I try my best to teach my children good manners, good values and how to be good people and to me, that’s the most important thing I can teach them.

Hmm, what else is there to know about me….. Well as some of you may know I battled with antenatal and postnatal depression when I fell pregnant for the second time and afterwards for a few years. Thankfully with treatment and with the support of friends and family, I am now in a much better place and I’m so proud of myself for overcoming one of the hardest time in my life. I still have days that are quite rubbish and weeks where I have absolutely no motivation for anything and fear that depression will come back knocking at my door but thanks to counselling I am now in a place where I can identify when things are getting out of control and I can use my tools to lift myself up again.

The one thing that always keeps me going is knowing that it’s ok to have bad days, life is full of ups and downs and it’s all about how you deal with it.  And you may be wondering why I’m even putting this up here, but I think it’s important for me to acknowledged the good things in my life as well as the bad ones, I have been through many tough times in my life and although they don’t define who I am, I feel that they have shaped who I am today.

I hope this has helped you get to know me a bit better and please feel free to ask me anything you may want to know. (not my bank account details though, sorry! Wouldn’t buy you much anyway.)

Elisabeth x

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  1. Love this. Love your story! 3 kids that’s amazing I didn’t know you had 3. I’m 26 with 2 and tearing my hair out 😂

    1. Thank you so much! ☺️ yeah 3 😂🙈
      Aw trust me it hasn’t been easy at all lol but I love the rascals to bits. It gets a bit easier as they get older. x

  2. Brilliant to get to know more about you 😊 Especially someone a similar age to myself! Cx

    1. Aw thank you ☺️ thanks for reading x

  3. Nice to meet u Elizabeth

    1. Hi 👋🏻Nice to meet you too 😊

  4. “even if most days I look like I just rolled out of bed, but I’m just going to blame that on the mum life” – Ha! This is me, too.
    It was nice getting to know you. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading! ☺️ glad you enjoyed it x

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