It’s that time of year again….summer school holidays.

Wow, I actually can’t believe that another school year is over already! This year has honestly been the quickest year yet.

It wasn’t too long ago they were off to school in their coats and woolly hats and now they’re finished and ready for swimming suits and shorts!

I have to say, I have a love/ hate relationship with the summer holidays. I mean I love the fact that I have finally turned my 6.50 (yes 6.50 sounds strange but those 10 minutes are for me to try and wake myself up, although usually it ends up just being an extra 10 minutes sleep because I love my sleep ) alarm off and won’t be seeing it again for another 8 weeks! But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any early morning wake ups, unfortunately my kids aren’t quite at the age where they love their sleep and instead will wake up before the sun even shines, which these days is before 5am!

Then there’s that dreaded washing the uniforms every single day!! Because my kids are far from tidy and clean when they come home from school and often come home looking like they spent the day rolling in paint and dipping their clothes in food. So I’m glad to not have that worry every night of making sure they have clean uniforms or ending up forgetting to dry the uniform and having to stay up late or wake up very early to have it dried.  But since they won’t have those to wear every day it now means it’s going to be a fashion show in this house every day and they will be competing with each other to see who can wear the most amount of clothes in a day, bonus points if you wear it for 5 minutes and then change into something else, I suppose models do need to be able to do quick outfit changes after all.

The kids will also be trying to turn our house into an all you can eat buffet.  Three kids, and not one of them eat the same thing. I mean why would they all eat the same lunch and dinner if mummy has nothing else going on and has so much time on her hands that she should be making three separate meals, right?

Yeah right that definitely won’t be happening, in fact most days lunch will probably be sandwiches or else McDonalds because to be honest I just know I won’t be bothered to cook and I have been so spoilt all year with the two eldest ones being in school at lunch time that I have forgotten what it’s like to make lunch for a whole family every day of the week.  But I hear grannies kitchen is also open for business during the summer, so we might have to make regular stops there during the week.

But to me those are all things that can be easily sorted and probably won’t really bother me too much, my biggest challenge during the summer holidays is keeping three kids entertained for 8 weeks!

Now this is definitely one that I struggle with every year. The first week always goes relatively ok, we’re all happy enough about the summer holidays, the kids are excited to be off school, mummy hasn’t lost the plot yet and were all still the best of friends.

As soon as the second week comes it’s like ok what now? I have run out of ideas! Kids are bored and mummy is not as cheery as before and is loosing her mind!

I mean no matter how much I plan every year and how much stuff we do every year, it’s never easy having kids stuck to you the whole day! (ok maybe stuck isn’t the best way to describe it but trust me my kids really do be stuck to me) and it’s mummy I’m bored every 5 minutes and can I do this can I do that, he touched my stuff, she hit me, he done this, she done that!! It’s just never ending some days and then that’s how mummy turns into an overindulgent wine/gin lunatic over the summer holidays to try to blur out all the crap that goes on during the day.

I honestly have to give all the staff in schools some serious credit for having the patient putting up with for all the kids the whole year! Not only teaching them, keeping them safe, watching out for them but also keeping my sanity (sort of) intact throughout the year. I honestly think as a mum I would be lost if my kids didn’t have school to go to.

I do love spending time with my children, but I also love having those few hours to myself where I can be more than their mum and for a few hours I can still see a snippet of the person I am.

So parents I hope you’re far more prepared for the summer than I am and if you’re just winging it like I am then best of luck, just make sure your fridge is stocked up with plenty of wine because you’re gonna need it!

But on a serious note I hope you all have a wonderful summer break with your children and make lots of new and wonderful memories, after all they are only small for a short time and we really do need to try and make the most of the time we have with them while they still enjoy our company and before they become too “cool” to hang out with us.

Elisabeth x

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