Life through a lens…

Over the summer I decided I would purchase a new camera.


I have always loved taking photos and over the years have owned different types of cameras.

Last Christmas I actually got given an instant camera by my other half.

I got given the Instax Mini 70, it’s a lovely camera to work and it’s quite light.


I had been looking at this camera for a while as I like the idea of taking a picture and the picture printing out straight away.

 And thankfully he had got the hint.

I actually haven’t used that camera as much as I probably should be using it but we took some photos around Christmas time and the children each got photos taken on their birthdays with the camera as well which made for some really lovely vintage feel photos that are now hanging in my bedroom.


The only thing that makes me not use it as often is that the pictures aren’t as good quality as other cameras and I think this camera is more for taking fun pictures rather than really clear professional photos.



So then during the summer, I decided I really wanted to get more into photography and bought myself a DSLR camera. 

I went and bought a Nikon D3400.

So far I have loved using it and it takes such beautiful pictures! 

Although there is quite a lot to get to know, but I hope to watch tutorials and keep practising until I get the hang of it. 


Over the summer months I took the camera everywhere we went with the children so make sure I captured some lovely moments.

My photos are nowhere near professional level of course but the moments I have captured are just magical to me and will always hold some amazing memories for me.

So I wanted to share some of the photos I took over the summer with all of you.

I’m hoping to keep practising now with my photography and in the future attend a course and learn more about taking great photos.

I hope you enjoy the little snippet of the photos I took over the summer months.


Please remember these are photos owned by myself and do not share them or copy them from my blog, please. logo-01


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  1. Your children are simply gorgeous 😍😍 the picture quality is amazing! I really need to invest in a camera as my iPhone just isn’t cutting it anymore Ahha! Loving the overall theme of you blog! Very fresh and welcoming.

    1. Aw thank you so much! I love taking photos of them. 😍
      Aw definitely do! The quality is so good and the detail you get is amazing.
      Thank you so much 😍😍 I really wanted to change it up and do something different. X

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