Perfection is a myth.

The joys of being a parent is that there’s never a dull day in your house (well sometimes there is when you have been watching the same cartoon over and over again all day!)

Being  a parent can take some much out of you, it can be so exhausting having to do the same thing over and over everyday, having to hoover 5 times a day because your child is re-enacting Hansel and Gretel in the hall and hoping someone might follow the crumb trail, washing the same dishes every day, opening and closing the washing machine at least 10 times a day and yet noticing that the pile hasn’t got any smaller.

With so much to do everyday it’s not a wonder we find our selves burnt out and so tired at the end of the day.

You might be a parent but first and foremost you’re a human being not a robot! So stop treating yourself like one and slow down.

Your kids were 5 minutes late to school today because the alarm didn’t go off and you get yourself so worked up you might need a tall glass of wine by the time you get them out the door.

Did they make it to school? Well then you’re doing a good job, you could have decided to keep them home instead because what’s the point sure they’re late anyway and you’re so tired you would rather sit on the sofa than get out of your house but you didn’t and got them there even though you were wearing the trousers from the bottom of the washing pile and might have been looking like you were dragged through the hedge before you left the house, but you didn’t leave the car so it’s ok no one seen you anyway.

The kids have been eating chicken nuggets all week because you’re having a shit week and it’s not like they eat anything else anyway! Didn’t they get fed?

Some might argue that’s not good enough and it’s not healthy for them, well  they’ve been fed and aren’t hungry that’s the main thing.

And I don’t think a weeks worth of chicken nuggets is going to make a huge difference to them, in fact its best they eat that because if you have to cook another meal that is looked at like its been in the bin then you might just starve them!

You’re so fed up of being told “mummy I’m so bored, there’s nothing to do”, even though they have so many toys in their room that it would put Toys ‘R’ Us to shame, so instead you give your child their iPad and let them play it all day just so you can survive the day without losing your shit (again). One full day isn’t going to fry all their brain cells, maybe a few but sure you’ve lost half of yours since the kids were born but you’re still functioning alright, (best not to mention the time you put the iron in the fridge instead of the milk)

In “perfect parent” world all these things are a definite no-no, but what the hell is a perfect parent anyway?

Why is it we’re expected to be so perfect all the time?

We’re expected to play barbies with our kids even though we barely manage to wash our  hair once a week never mind giving Barbie the latest hairstyle just to keep your child from throwing a massive wobbler.

We’re expected to have  perfectly cooked home meals on the table everyday (I  can’t even remember the last time my kids had vegetables on their plate to be honest) don’t worry they do get vitamins the odd time when I remember.

We’re expected to have our children in their own beds every night and sleeping before 8, no such luck in this house! Usually I find myself falling asleep before they even consider getting in their beds because emptying the toy box all over the bedroom and laughing is much more fun.

We’re expected to look our best at all times even though we’ve been up all night with screaming kids who refuse to get any sleep and instead we end up looking more like a zombie than a mum. Many times I’ve been mistaken for being sick, guess I’ll be wearing make up next time I leave the house.

Just reading this list makes my head sore! It’s ridiculous that parents are put under so much pressure to make sure they do everything by the book and that they never “fail” as a parent, oh no there’s absolutely no room for failure because you wouldn’t want your child to end up completely messed up because you refused to play barbies with them for the 3rd day in a row.

I guess what I’m trying to say is be kind to yourself, cut yourself some slack, there’s no such thing as perfect (maybe that time you managed to get your eyeliner drawn on without having to wipe it off countless times, but that was only the one time).

If your child is fed, clean, clothed, happy and loved then you can be sure you’re doing an amazing job! So keep going mummy and daddy and give yourself the well deserved credit for keeping your little energy sucking vampires alive!

Elisabeth x

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