The Tooth Fairy.

Am I the only one who thinks the tooth fairy is a load of nonsense?

So Little miss chatterbox has been losing teeth now since last year when she turned 6 and it has been such a huge deal for her.

I can understand that it would be so exciting for a child to lose their teeth and to see their new smile filled with holes where their pearly whites used to be and if your child is anything like mine they probably keep picking at their tooth and using any excuse to eat something that will make their tooth fall out quicker all so the tooth fairy can  bring them some money.

I certainly did made a huge fuss for her when her first tooth fell out, of course its a big deal it shows me that my child is growing and it marks another milestone for her.

But after the first 3 then it’s not really a novelty anymore and mummy is tired of playing tooth fairy.

The hassle of making sure that she doesn’t swallow her tooth other wise she’ll have a melt down because the tooth fairy doesn’t leave money if there is no tooth to collect.

Having to help them wash that tooth covered in blood that they just spat out and pretend that you’re so excited about the tiny nugget covered in blood.

And then having to be as quite as a mouse while sliding out the tooth from under their big heavy heads and hoping you don’t wake them up and spoil the fun.

I hardly remember what I did yesterday never mind having to remember to be the tooth fairy for the night.

Anyway a few weeks ago we went away for the night with the kids and her tooth was loose and she was so excited the next morning when her tooth finally fell out but in the excitement of being away for the night and between packing stuff up and going swimming she forgot her tooth in the hotel.

Well talk about complete meltdown because the tooth fairy would not be leaving her any money but she forgot her tooth and now what would she do.

She cried until we calmed her down and said we would leave the tooth fairy a note to explain why her tooth would not be under her pillow that night.

And then of course mummy was so tired that she forgot to write the dam note for the tooth fairy and forgot to put the coin under her pillow, talk about bad mummy moment!

I felt so bad the next day but thankfully she wasn’t too bothered by it and just said the tooth fairy probably forgot.

And today she has lost one of her big front teeth, so the tooth fairy better leave double the amount since she forgot the last time.

But she definitely won’t be leaving £5 or £10 as I have heard some of her friends get!

Wish me luck!

Elisabeth x

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