The two under two.

When Little Bear was born we had no plans of having another baby for another few years but mother nature had other plans for us and so Little Miss Chatterbox was born just a couple of weeks before Little Bear turned one.

As blessed as I felt that we had been given another chance of having another beautiful baby I was also worried as to how I would be able to manage having two very young children.

Pregnancy the second time round was not as easy as the first time as I had far less time to be able to rest and had a young baby that needed to be with me at all times.

When Little Miss Chatterbox was born Little Bear was still not walking which made it hard for me as I had to carry him around as well as Little Miss Chatterbox. We had to opt for a double pram otherwise it would have been impossible for me to get anywhere with the both of them

Having a newborn on its own is a challenge for most parents, all the nappy changes, the endless feeds, the night feeds, the exhaustion that makes you feel like a zombie, you haven’t a clue whether its Monday or Thursday as everyday seems to blend into the next without you even noticing. Add a toddler into the mix that wants to touch everything in sight, tries to take the dummy off the baby while they sleep and steals the babies bottle when you turn your back for 5 minutes not to mention the times when they sit on the baby and are not even aware of it.

This all makes for some seriously exhausted parents and a big pot of coffee or on the really bad days a big glass of wine, not for breakfast though wait until at least lunch time.

Trying to manage to keep two children under the age of two happy all day was definitely hard work, when the baby needed fed seemed to be the time when the toddler decided  it was a good time to do a poo. You got the baby to sleep only to find the toddler had woken them with one of their obnoxiously loud toys but you couldn’t take it off them and risk world war three and so instead you cried because you were so tired and all you wanted  was 5 minutes to sit down and feel like you weren’t going insane.

As the months went on things started to naturally fall into a routine where I could nearly manage to simultaneously feed them and when the toddler was watching cartoons often the baby would be glued to it too and that gave me 5/10 minutes before one started to cry for something.

As they got older thankfully it started to get easier because they were that bit more independent and didn’t require me to tend to their every need straight away, they were able to keep entertained with their toys or the kitchen cupboards for a while, bathing them together became easier. The sleepless nights still lasted a while longer and we often found ourselves sharing a bed with two small worms. But it didn’t really bother me that much, if it ment getting some sleep then I didn’t care were they slept. Although having a foot in your face and a head numbing your arm isn’t the most comfortable sleep but it did the job.

I have to admit there were a lot of tears in them two years and that was just from me never mind the kids, double the nappies, double the washing up and the milk bottles made in the middle of the night and a mummy that nearly lost the plot.

We did always plan on having more children and although it happened quicker than expected it meant that we got to raise them up together and they were great company for each other as toddlers.

But would I do it again? Well probably not as I don’t think my sanity could cope the second time round, I knew no different back then and so I just got on with it and it worked out as well as it could have.

My two under two are no longer babies and are now 7 and 8 and although it’s been hard work it’s also been lovely watching them grow together.

Not to mention I got them both off to school at the same time so win win for me!

Elisabeth x

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  1. Some very helpful tips 🙂 We are currently 28 + 3 weeks pregnant and have a 8 month old daughter, Aria. So will have two babies under one! Any tips welcome haha!

  2. Thank you very much. 😊 aw congratulations! I’m not gonna lie it’s hard for for the first year until they’re both toddlers but things do get easier. I think my biggest advice is to accept as much help as you can. Don’t be afraid to ask for people to give you a hand even if it’s just for you to take some time out for yourself. It’s so important to make the time for yourself and to take it easy. Don’t stress too much and just go with the flow. X

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