Things I’m afraid of…

We’re all afraid of something whether it’s something small that seems silly or something more serious.

One of the things I’m quite afraid of is snakes! I absolutely hate snakes and have a huge fear of them.

The word snake even sounds awful when I say it, I can’t look at them on tv, I can’t look at them in real life, I just dislike everything about them.

I have only ever had one encounter with a snake when I was younger and still living in Portugal. The snake never actually touched me and I wasn’t harmed or anything like that, it only slithered past me and my brother and I’m telling you I completely froze!

Thankfully it didn’t stay and was only passing by, but I will never forget that experience. I just find there’s something so sinister about snakes, yuck!

I don’t know if it’s their eyes that seem to stare so intensely at you or if it’s just the fact that I know how dangerous they can be (I’m definitely not one who likes danger).

Another one of my fears is the fear of drowning, I’m actually embarrassed to say that I can’t swim.

I have tried learning to swim for years, first when I was in primary school and then in secondary school and every time I learnt nothing other than I’m still scared of drowning and still don’t know how to swim.

And I actually love the water as I would have always been near water growing up but just never would have went any further than water up to my chest and always had to make sure I could have my feet firmly on the ground. But who knows maybe one day I might learn….maybe.

My biggest fear thought, the fear I know I will always be with me and probably one of the biggest cause for me having anxiety is the fear of death.

When I was 7 my dad passed away very suddenly and we were all left in complete shock, it took me a long time to get to terms with it and it left a huge whole in my heart.

I think experiencing something so big had a really huge impact on how I thought and felt about death, before that I had never known of anyone who had died and didn’t really know anything about death (specially as I was only 7).

I have come a long way in the past year since starting counselling, and have managed to minimise my anxiety and fear around death, I still think about it of course and still have anxiety and fear around it but it’s much better than what it used to be.

Lastly one of my smaller fears is that I won’t be able to eat cake anymore because my jeans are getting a bit tight.  But I can always buy a bigger size, I’m definitely not giving cake up!

Elisabeth x

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